About AADL

  • Why AADL?

    With the dream of affordability of a tablet PC for every student coming true along with the World’s first low-cost Aakash tablet, there is a requirement for several applications that provide wide varieties of educational content to facilitate the students in their learning process.

    Hence, it is essential to create an ecosystem which ports/develops applications focused on education / pedagogy to enrich the learning experience of students across the country.

    The first step towards creating such an ecosystem is to tap the talent pool of students and faculty in order to ensure a rich set of applications are made available on the Aakash platform.

  • What is AADL?

    ‘Aakash Application Development Lab (AADL)’ has been set up in 5 IITs- IIT Madras, IIT Mandi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati and IIT Kharagpur with IIT Madras as the lead Institute.

    AADL will provide the necessary platform for students to come together, learn, interact and build applications.

    The lab will provide students with the necessary infrastructure required to develop and port applications as well as provide training in Android application development. It will act as an interface between students and some industry people working in this focus area.

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