AADL Centres

With the aim of transforming India’s Education using ICT, Aakash Application Development Lab (s) (AADL) have been set up in IITM, IITB, IIT Mandi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati and IIT Kharagpur. These AADLs will carry out a number of activities in order to create an ecosystem of students, faculty and industry experts. AADL will create, facilitate and encourage its stakeholders to work together and develop interesting educational content and applications that will be available on Aakash for the larger public.

Various Modules of AADL

Student Workshop : Student workshops are being conducted across the 6 IITs, to encourage them to develop exciting android applications focusing on Education and Pedagogy.

Building Applications : A variety of education focused applications are being developed in each of the AADLs

Market Place : Aakash Market Place will be in place where all the application of the companies and the student developed ones will be made available exclusively to Aakash users.

Ecosystem : To build an eco-system of commercial companies developing Education applications,to form a consortium of institutions working in the same space. These companies will predominantly make their applications/content available on Aakash for free.

People @ AADL

AADL @ IIT Madras

Dr.Ashok Jhunjhunwala

Project Co-Ordinator


AADL @ IIT Mandi

Dr.Arti Kashyap

Project Co-Ordinator


AADL @ IIT Kanpur


Project Co-Ordinator


AADL @ IIT Kharagpur

Dr.Anupam Basu

Project Co-Ordinator


AADL @ IIT Guwahati

Dr.Ranbir Singh & Dr.T.Venkatesh

Project Co-Ordinators

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